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The Library

The Library, a place where you will find everything we have uploaded to our website since the beginning. From the very first video-post, to the very last one.  Our library is connected through all the content we have.

Player submissions

Chobysan: a portrait collection

Updated: Wallpapers compilation

Fanarts recopilation: the best

Assets recopilation for content creators

Jett animated wallpaper

Sova ability breakdown by Click Heads

Official trailers

Class presentation – Cypher

Class presentation – Jett

Class presentation – Sage

Class presentation – Sova

Class presentation – Viper

Project A announcement

The Round – Valorant first gameplay

Class presentation – Phoenix


CouRage & Nadeshot opinions about Valorant

A 11 minutes gameplay


Don’t panic: information about the upcoming beta

A very stylish fan art by whatbucket

Games launcher has been leaked

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