weekly valorant top community plays, round one

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Weekly we will be taking the top voted clips from the website and editing them into a Top Ten list. The top clip will receive $20 in VALORANT currency. Be sure to post clips on the website and vote on others in order to have a chance at winning!

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Participant rules

It is mandatory to read our rules and agreements before sending in your videos. Please read carefuly and ask us in case you’ve got any doubts!


  1. Videos max length is 02:00. Videos that are over that length and are still being sent will be ignored.
  2. Minimum quality for videos will be 1080P (1920*1080 resolution).


  1. Sending your video to us means you’re okay with sharing and distributing it around. Copyright claims may be revoked at this point.
  2. Our judgement will always go on top of our voting system.
  3. We have the rights to desqualify participants doing ‘foul plays’.

Any doubts you may have regarding rules please join our discord and ask before participating.


$20 worth of VALORANT Points

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Videos must be under 2 minutes (02′:00”) duration.

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